Must be signed and sent before final purchase of puppy or before shipping.

                                                                                              Purchase Contract

All Star Hounds LLC

Waldron, Arkansas 72958

Phone (479) 227-1017

Breed: Bloodhound

Color: Black & Tan, Liver & Tan, Red

Sex: Dog/ Bitch (circle one)


Sire: __________________________________ AKC/UKC#____________________________


Dam: _________________________________ AKC/UKC #____________________________


Purchase Price: LIMITED Registration $________________________________ (YES or No)


 Spayed or neutered by breeder (Yes or No)


Purchase Price Full registration $__________________________ (YES or NO)


Whelp date______________-_________________-_______________


Litter Registration #_______________________________________________________



MICRO CHIP #_________________________

Holding Agreement

In consideration of payment of $_______________ of which I am attaching a pre- deposit of $500(non- refundable) to hold a puppy or $600.00 for (first pick) (Behind Breeder) non-refundable deposit to go towards purchase price of puppy $______________ is the deposit. Balance due before shipping.

Seller assigns the dog and guaranteeing that said dog will not be sold to any other party other than the buyer. The portion of the deposit taken and known Surety of Action shall be applied to the purchase price.

The Surety of Action deposit received by seller in the amount of $________________ for said puppies is NON REFUNDABLE.


This puppy is guaranteed to be a pure-bred . Registration will be sent to AKC or UKC by breeder .** Note** ALL DOGS/PUPPIES SOLD (WITH FULL AKC/UKC PAPERS non spayed/non neuter) and/ or Champion sired or Champion dam WILL BE CO OWNED EXCEPT TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AND MY WORKING GROUPS OF K-9.  All pet quality puppies will be spayed or neutered prior to leaving no exception.  Hunting or Show Prospect puppies intact shall be co owned and we shall be listed as the primary on all documents.Intact Breeding stock registration papers shall be held and not submitted to AKC/UKC untill dog is 24 months of age or older. Dog or Bitch shall not be bred intentional or unintentional till 2 years of age or older. We do not sale to minors under the age of 18. Parents must sign this contract and all parents will be held accountable and bound by the terms of this contract. We reserve the right to cancel sale at any time we see just cause. Buyer Beware, We do reserve the right for any legal court actions to be filed at your expense if the sale is in breach of this contract in anyway. Buyer agrees to furnish to seller copy of vet visit within 2 days or this health contract is void. This dog /puppy can never be re sold, re homed, placed in a shelter or given away. At BUYERS EXPENSE the animal is to be shipped back to the breeder or us as prior owner. If for any reason this dog is found to not be wanted or unsuitable for you or your family the dog must come back to US. I will not purchase the dog back from you the buyer. The animal will be sent back free of charge to the breeder, prior owner. A replacement puppy may be issued depending on qualifications.

All fees, including sale price, shipping and handling charges are payable prior to the shipping of the animal. I will be happy to hold your puppy, if needed for up to a week after he / she is ready to leave, after that period of time there will be a $8.00 per day boarding fee applied.

                                                                                 Breeder Litter Pick

Breeder always reserves the right to have first Pick or Picks before the purchaser(s). At NO given time does the purchaser(s) have the right to demand Breeders Litter Pick(s) puppy. IF Breeder chooses to pass on taking a LITTER PICK then the purchaser(s) may have the right to make the selected pick.  First Pick Behind me is $100.00 more in purchase price.

Puppy Picking shall be in the ORDER the deposits are received per sex( Dog-Bitch)

 YOU AS THE BUYER HEREBY AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THE DOGS REGISTRATION NAME WILL BE AS FOLLOWS *** note*** ALL DOGS THAT WE PRODUCE WILL REFLECT (((WINKLEY'S))) AT THE BEGINNING OF THE REGISTERED NAME AND IF NEED BE of Arkansas AT THE END. All puppies will be sold on a limited no breeding right registration unless extra fees and prior arrangements have been made. NO EXCEPTION WILL BE MADE!!!

All stock sold intact or for breeding shall not breed or whelp before 2 years of age no exceptions. Litters produced from breeding stock will be registered according to the rules of AKC/UKC with the proper signatures. I the primary reserve the right to be listed as co owner on all offspring produced by intact stock.

Trackers Choice/ All Star Hounds LLC guarantees this puppy to be free of all communicable disease for a period of 24 hours from sale on this pet record. We also guarantees this puppy to be free of any genetic defects that make the puppy not suitable for the purpose of a ***family pet*** until the puppy reaches 24 months of age. Buyer understands that the following slight genetic defects are not considered serious or life threatening and therefore are not covered:: Umbilical hernia, Undescended Testicle, Dew claws, Under Bite, or Over Bite, Entropion, Cherry Eye or external parasites. Buyer understands that replacement option is only valid when health problems are attributed to hereditary problem and not due to accident, poisoning, negligence, or contagious/ or other illness, behavioral problems, as training philosophies and environments vary amongst individuals. Buyer understands that any and all guarantees expire 6 months from the date of deposit. Due to the varying kinds of dog food on the market and the different environmental conditions the dogs come in contact with, we will not GUARANTEE the dog unless they're given NuVet Plus daily at the manufacturer's suggested dosage for 2 years (the length of this contract. Failure to do so makes this guarantee null and void.

Hip Dysplasia:

In the unlikely event that a dog is suspected of being dysplastic in its first 2 years, this is the procedure to follow:

Notify us by telephone or letter. The dog must have been x-rayed for this condition BEFORE its 2nd Birthday, but not before 1/1/2 years old(sometimes an early x-ray will not portray true results during growth spurts).Submit the x-ray tot eh Orthopedic Foundation of Animals, University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo 65210. The dog must never have been used for breeding, not be overweight, and must still be with its original owner. No replacement will be given if the dog has been over exercised during its growth period (until 1 1/2 years old), which is running with or "jumping" the dog excessively in play. Also this guarantee shall become null and void if the puppy is given any vaccinations within 10 days of purchase. Unless we state otherwise that they need vaccinations before the 10 day period is up. The buyer agrees to have their vet health check puppy within 48hours of the shipment of the animal. If it is not done the contract guarantee is all null and void. We do not guarantee against Parvo, Corona, Coccidiosis, or Giardia after 12 hours of purchase. If this puppy displays any indication of poor health you must notify me within 24 hours to make a claim for a replacement puppy. If your puppy is very sick or has a congenital defect found by your vet, you are to return him / her to us (at buyers expense) with the registration papers and you must obtain a written statement from your vet on their office stationary and signed by him / her for our records, stating health risk and to include a description of the symptoms supporting his / her opinion to validate this guarantee. Any & all vet bills incurred to diagnose or repair a problem will be the responsibility of the buyer unless arrangements have been made or approved prior to treatment. Failure to do this will cause this contract to be null and void.

A. Original puppy must be returned within 72 hours along with all the paper work. (You agree to fill out all necessary forms to return ownership of puppy to breeder.)

B. If you qualify for a replacement, you can choose a new puppy of equal value if one is available. You will be responsible for the shipping of the new puppy. We will not be held responsible for further cost.

C. If we do not have a puppy of equal value available within 365 days: for your replacement we will refund your puppies original purchase price of $________________, minus shipping fees. If for any reason you must surrender this puppy or adult dog, you must contact us the breeder. We will help in finding a new home for this puppy. Under no circumstances will this dog be surrendered to an animal shelter or rescue without contacting us first. Jurisdiction of this contract agreement shall be in the State of Arkansas, County of Scott, and The residence of the Seller. This represents the entire contract agreement between all parties concerning the health conditions or loss of this pet and may not be modified except by writing and signed by all partied hereto.

 Seller Signature______________________________________________________________________


Print Name Seller: Tammie Winkley

Date: ______________________________________________________

Buyer Signature: ______________________________________________________________


Buyer Printed Name: ___________________________________________________________


Date:  _______________________________________________________________________


Buyer Home physical Address: ___________________________________________________


Buyer Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________


Town, State, Zip Code:___________________________________________________________


Home Phone: _________________________________________________________________




Email Address:________________________________________________________________


Airport for Shipping:_____________________________________________________________


Ground Transport (Yes or No)